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Aliases announce new singer Joe Rosser along with new video

Aliases 2013

That headline pretty much wrote itself. Don’t blame me for the terrible pun. Blame Aliases and/or Basick Records, the fiends!

So, after a halted restart after the departure of original vocalist Jay Berast, UK tech-metal types Aliases are back on track towards their sophomore album with today’s announcement of their new vocalist Joe Rosser. Guitarist Pin said of the situation:

[quote-symbol symbol1]After things didn’t work out with our last vocalist Leigh, we put an extremely thorough process in place for selecting a new vocalist for Aliases. We had a massive number of applicants with some awesome talent come through. Joe Rosser stood out from the start returning amazing versions of tracks from our last EP, Safer Than Reality.

By way of showing of his skills, the band have also released a video for new song “Exasperated” – available for free download from Basick’s Bandcamp page – which likely double as an expression of their torrid time with frontmen recently, and should provide catharsis leading into this new era.

It seems the song was Joe’s writing audition of sorts, and the other members were impressed with the range of versatility in his pitching and rhythm. He’s fairly similar to Jay in style, which is great for the continuity of the band, and it’s nice to hear some new material from Aliases, who have been understandably quiet in the interim since 2011′s debut record Safer Than Reality.

From what we can see in the video, he’s pretty expressive as a frontman – with that sort of watchable charisma – and also quite up for the challenge; he gets spun around a fair bit, as well as being submerged in a bath, so hopefully he sticks!

Adds Mr. Rosser:

[quote-symbol symbol1]It’s been great to bond with a group of musicians with the same sort of outlook on music as me. I think the moment we shared ideas we gelled together really well. Not only that but the fact that they are such great people to be around, we have become good friends. Working on the single has been so much fun. From laying down ideas to progressing it to a full length song, it more or less took its course and the rest of the bend felt what I added gave it a better twist than they anticipated.

Joe’s first show with Aliases will be in Manchester this Saturday 27th along with label mates The Algorithm. They’ll also be at UK Tech Metal Fest 2013 in Peterborough from 11-15th July.

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