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Aliases 2012

Manchester-based tech-metal band Aliases, which features Graham “Pin” Pinney, e of SikTh (I’m sure he’ll lose that tag one day, right?), are again on the hunt for a new vocalist after parting ways with recent addition Leigh Dale.

Leigh, who joined the band last September, seemed like a perfect fit for the group, being both a local (previous vocalist Jay Berast was from and lived in France) and seemingly having a similar sense of humour to the mischievous band, who put out their debut release Safer Than Reality in 2011.

A statement from the band via drummer Darren Hughes said things “just didn’t work out with Leigh in the way that we had hoped”, and that they are immediately on the lookout for a replacement. Hopefuls are advised to contact to be considered, and the process will require a vocal cover recorded for 2 tracks against backing tracks, an interview with Aliases’ management, a live close door performance with the band, and possibly most important of all: a writing assessment. I’d assume this last requirement is included due to prior issues, and they wouldn’t be the first; Elliot Coleman left TesseracT last year for this very reason, when their writing styles didn’t gel.

The deadline is January 28th.

In the meantime, Aliases are due to support Sylosis (yep, same tour as we mentioned in the last post!), but this time at the Manchester date, and will be performing with Jay Berast once more, whose original farewell show was unfortunately cancelled.

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