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Gloryhammer Set To Hammer Us All Into Oblivion

Chris Bowes is a man that deserves more recognition in metal. He’s the maniacal mastermind behind pirate metal farce Alestorm - a firmly tongue-in-cheek effort. His YouTube channel is filled with his hilariously awesome electronic projects, including a techno remix of Alestorm’s “Keelhauled”, and now he has another project, known as Gloryhammer: “a heroic power metal band” that will be releasing their debut album, Tales From the Kingdom of Fife, later this month. Today, the first song from that album, “Angus McFife”, was released.

It is pretty obvious that all of this is as cheesy as it can be, on purpose. What does it sound like? Well first, I’ll let the album art speak for itself.


Yeah, exactly. And the song, which you can listen to at the bottom of this post? It is a glorious mix of power metal bombast and true steel glory. Sonically it’s reminiscent of a healthy combination of  Hammerfall mixed with Celesty, which is not at all a bad thing. It has an awesome sing-along fist pumping anthemic chorus (practically a mandate that any song lives and dies by for this style of metal), and all the grandiose musical tropes you would expect from a member of Alestorm making an epic power metal album. The music video is an epically ridiculous ode to the videos made by classic, great bands like Rhapsody that will be certain to please any fan of this particularly cheese-filled subsect of metal.This will be one for the ages. Hopefully.

Hail the Prince of Fife!

Gloryhammer’s debut album, Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife will be released on March 29th via Napalm Records.

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