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Altar Of Plagues Reveal Details For Teethed Glory & Injury

Altar Of Plagues - Teethed Glory And Injury

Chalk up another on the board of my highly anticipated releases for 2013. Irish ambient black metal act Altar Of Plagues have announced that their third full length album will be titled Teethed Glory And Injury. They also released the cover art (as seen above) for the album via their Facebook page. The album cover itself is minimal, yet decidedly effective. We’ve spilled quote a few words of late about how simple things like body contortions can be a very effective tool for unsettling audiences in horror, so it’s fitting that a band with such a haunting atmosphere and resonance to their music choose to exploit this visual cue as well. On that same Facebook page, they also posted a comment pertaining to the new album saying that, “If you expect us to repeat ourselves, you will be disappointed.” An interview, via Terrorizer, can be viewed below where frontman James Kelly talks a little more about the upcoming album and the band’s music approach in general.

Altar Of Plagues broke into the scene with a series of demos and EPs that began emerging in 2006 before landing their first two full length albums, 2009’s White Tomb and 2011’s triumphant Mammal. By taking the basics of black metal and giving them a much more atmospheric spin, Altar Of Plagues have cultivated a sound over the course of their career that is gloomy, dark, unrelenting, primal, and downright haunting. Mammal was among my favourite releases of 2011 for good reason. The soundscapes that this band manages to create are stunningly captivating and are well worth your time.

Since I’m always one that likes to back up his claims with actual evidence, I will leave you with the opening track from Mammal, “Neptune Is Dead.” This track is great for both the familiar and uninitiated alike. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of familiarity with Altar Of Plagues, however, I would suggest listening to this when you aren’t extremely busy. For me at least, atmosphere in music translates better and hits your core more effectively when you don’t have to focus on anything else that’s going on in your world. It’s just you and the music.

New to Altar Of Plagues? Enjoy listening to “Neptune Is Dead?” Excited for Teethed Glory And Injury? Sound off in the comments!

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