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Sad news everyone! Altar Of Plagues are no more!

Altar Of Plagues

Altar Of Plagues are a hard band to categorise. The Irish trio’s roots can be traced to the black metal genre, but you’d probably have to add a number of subgenre labels to make it a semi-accurate descriptor.

This year saw the release of their third album, Teethed Injury & Glory which has been met with rapturous praise as it is an deep and introspective look into the darkness inherent in the human soul.

It is then with a heavy heart that we report the band are breaking up after playing a few last shows, the final of which is taking place in Poland at the Unsound Festival.

Before the release of Teethed Injury & Glory there were murmurings of unrest from the Altar Of Plagues camp, but now James Kelly the mastermind of the band has spoken out via their Facebook page as to why:

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Altar of Plagues will conclude this year.

I decided before writing “Teethed Glory and Injury” that it would be our final album. It was executed with this fact in mind. I can state it no more simply than this; it is time to move on.

We considered whether or not we would say anything at all regarding this. But at the very least, we would like to give people an opportunity to see us perform again should they care to. And so, these upcoming shows will be our final.

Our very final performance will be on October 19th, at Unsound Festival Poland. As a festival that celebrates the eclectic and the eccentric, I can think of no other place that would be more appropriate for this occasion. It is exactly the type of environment in which I have always aspired to share our work, and it will be a celebratory occasion to conclude at what I believe will be the peak of our existence as a group.

I still find it difficult to believe that what began as a bedroom recording in 2007, became a group of individuals that have performed in Moscow, San Francisco, and many places between. We have travelled further, and shared more music than we had ever expected. Thank you to each and every person who supported us.

I will continue to work as WIFE . However, I am not closing the door on the sounds I developed as Altar of Plagues. Many stones remain unturned.

James / Altar of Plagues / July 15 2013″

Altar Of Plagues had a relatively short career, but an extremely memorable one. While it is somewhat upsetting that a band with such powerful music will cease to be it is encouraging to see a band quit while they’re ahead. The Monolith wishes Altar Of Plagues luck with all of their other endeavours and looks forward to anything that the musicians go on to produce with other projects.

What do you guys think? Are you saddened by this news? Will you be seeing them live? Are you a fan of Teethed Injury & Glory?

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