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 Blue Swan-ish supergroup Sufferer succeeds; album will go ahead


Blue Swan Records often feels less like a label, and more like a family. There’s a group of bands in and around the label, started by Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Will Swan, who share an ethos and a style that they have made their own. Even those groups who are not directly under the label’s remit are treated like they are, and it’s a really warm crowd to be a part of.

As part of that, fans and affiliated types are often quick to support each other in their endeavours, and one of the most recent is an effort called Sufferer. Part band, part awareness campaign, the principal architect is Hail The Sun guitarist Shane Gann, but he’s joined by A Lot Like Birds vocalist Cory Lockwood, I The Mighty drummer Blake Dahlinger and Forrest Wright, frontman of A Perception.

The purpose of the project is to bring light to anxiety disorders by “portraying the Sufferer’s struggle to silence the negative voices in his head”. Gann & co took to Kickstarter to raise the funds to bring the music fully to life, and explained a little bit more about it along the way:


Anxiety is the fear of a potentially negative outcome. For example, it’s not the fear you feel standing at the edge of a tall building, afraid you might fall; rather, it’s a fear of ever getting into the elevator to go to the top of that building.

The goal of this project is strictly to bring light to an issue most of us deal with privately, but somewhat regularly, to help those who suffer feel less alone. In the case that you don’t personally suffer from anxiety, we hope this project will help you relate to those who do.


A couple of weeks ago it was struggling at about a quarter of its $10,000 goal, but a late surge has funded Sufferer above and beyond with a couple of days to go. The money will go towards recording, CD and vinyl pressings, printing t-shirts, posters and stickers, filming a making-of documentary, and “much, much more.”

This is fantastic news, both from a musical and community perspective. The quality of the members’ other bands is top notch, but beyond that, it’s another pin on the wall for the evolution of music ‘scenes’, which now transcend location and instead find people from all over the world joining together. It’s painfully obvious that this probably wouldn’t have succeeded without the Blue Swan family, who are a burgeoning presence on social media, with their Facebook group pushing 3000 as of publication.

What’s more, Sufferer have pledged to donate 35% of all income  to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It’s clearly an issue that’s very important to its members, so it’s nice to hear of this kind of philanthropy.

You can still support the project – funding ends this week – so head over to Kickstarter to get involved. The album is fully written, and tentatively projected for January next year, so there’s a bit of time to go (likely to accommodate schedules and whatnot).

Also, if this group sounds like your kind of people, you can join the Blue Swan Broadcast group on Facebook and keep up to date with all the goings on.