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Label-less Architects crowdfunding release of new documentary film

Architects The Story Of The Almost World Tour

A couple of weeks back we showed you the trailer for a new documentary from Architects, the Brighton-based tech-metal band, called “One Hundred Days: The Story Of Architects Almost World Tour“.

The trailer was awesome: it looks really well shot. Filmed and produced by Tom Welsh of Get Deluxe Films, it seems to tell a story rather than just being a “look at us! Aren’t we zany on tour?!” snooze-fest; instead, it looks like they’ve been working to overcome a number of large issues in order to stay together.

That’s fairly big, as the band have become pretty damn popular over the years. There was a group of bands from a similar scene that came to the fore around 2006/2007 – Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Devil Sold His Soul and I suppose Johnny Truant – and of those Architects and BMTH have done pretty well for themselves, but whereas Oli Sykes and co. actually seem to be getting measurably better, Architects had a dip in form with the more radio-friendly The Here And Now, and whilst Daybreaker was better, it wasn’t the return to form we’d hoped for.

Perhaps this is the reason that they have no parted ways with Century Media. Hollow Crown was initially released by United By Fate, and CM’s re-release was probably a bit late on the uptake. “Never mind,” they probably thought, “we’ll catch the profit from the next one”. Hmmm.

So now that they’re on their own they’ve set up a rather modest IndieGoGo campaign in order to support the release of the film. They’re aiming for £30,000 in total, and have been completely transparent about the costs:

Full Budget

DVD and Blu Ray Manufacturing Costs – £20,000
Tom Welsh Flights – £3,000
Movie Artwork – £1,000
Tom Welsh Misc (Food basically) = £1,000
Cinema Hire for Premiere – £1,500
T-shirt and Sweater Manufacture – £1000
Screen Print Manufacture – £1000
PR Costs – £1500

Total – £30,000

The incentives for donations range from getting your name in the credits (a measly £1) up to a ticket for the premiere in Brighton (£50), so there’s no outrageous £1000 hang with the band/pizza party type bullshit that some other bands have put out there.

The campaign will run until June 8th, so I assume we can expect the film to be released late summer/early autumn.

In other news, Architects are currently on tour as part of the Impericon Progression Tour in support of Callejon and August Burns Red, along with Adept and Breakdown Of Sanity.

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