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Tom Welsh’s Architects tour documentary reaches beyond the usual

Architects The Story Of The Almost World Tour

British tech-metal band Architects have sort of fallen off my radar in the last few years. From hearing their promising debut Nightmares, through the pretty good sophomore album Ruin, and to the seminal genre benchmark Hollow Crown, I considered myself a pretty avid fan.

That changed big time with The Here And Now. The 2011 album dropped a lot of the techier elements that had made them so popular within certain sections of the metal community, and it wasn’t for me (or a lot of other people). Fair enough to them, as it probably gained them a lot of new fans, but it took the edge away.

2012’s Daybreaker was a lot better, but the magic was ruined a little bit for me, so I’ve not really been following them very closely at all.

It turns out that they’ve been pretty damn busy touring in the past few years (unsurprisingly), taking in much of the world, but in particular they’ve chosen to make a documentary out of their ‘almost world tour’ which took in much of Australasia, Indonesia and the far east, before making its way back to Europe.

This all took place over the course of just over three months towards the end of 2012, and both live and behind the scenes footage was filmed by filmmaker Tom Welsh with a view to releasing a documentary on the band’s first trip to the far east.

Called “One Hundred Days: The Story Of Architects Almost World Tour”, details are scarce, but a fairly hefty trailer has been released, and it really does look like it’s going to be a good watch.

Although still a young band, Architects are hugely popular, and the larger an object, the more it draws to it – both good and bad. In their early days they always had a fairly stable lineup (Only Sam Carter was brought in as a replacement for the original vocalist from Nightmares), but they’ve had their share of turbulence in the lineup department. Bassist Alex Dean left for a short while before returning (citing family reasons), but founding member Tim Hillier-Brook quit the band about a year ago, and the band have not officially replaced him (Sylosis frontman Josh Middleton filling in on tour) to my knowledge. There’s obviously a reason for that, and the trailer seems to touch on the band being unsure of their future – although leaving that aspect on a positive vibe.

Either way, there’s no word of when the film will be released, but a website is online currently, so make sure to check that and the band’s Facebook
page for more updates.

The guys are currently part of the Impericon Progression Tour in support of Callejon and August Burns Red, along with Adept and Breakdown Of Sanity.

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