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Archons, the melodic death metal project based out of Quebec, managed to release a really good slab of melo-death with The Consequences Of Silence in 2008, but since then have been relatively quiet. However, it seems they have been working hard on a follow up, and every once in a while they release a demo track via their ReverbNation page. Their latest upload is a demo entitled “Risen By Scars“. For those of you that have never heard their sound before, it is a melding of groups like Arsis, Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquillity, while also flavoring things with a slight, slight, slight bit of metalcore. The new track, for instance, has something that resembles both a spoken word section and a breakdown, with some additional pinch harmonic action. It sounds a little bit like Killswitch Engage got a little lost on the way to the studio and wound up in about forty seconds of an Archons track.

The two demo tracks they have released so far show a band that still has a strong grasp on what they are trying to do and line up well quality-wise with what they did on The Consequences Of Silence. While “Risen By Scars“ isn’t as strong as previous track “The Slumber“, it still marks a damn good bit of territory for the band, and gets us here at The Monolith excited for whenever they get an actual mastered product out the door.

Fill your earholes with that noise here.