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Arrayan Path Release A Lyric Video For The Title Track Of New Album


Arrayan Path are a progressive power metal band hailing from Cyprus. It’s rare to have music from that small Mediterranean Island pushed in front of me, so when I received an email about their new lyric video I curiously checked it out. (Out of interest, if you know of any other good metal bands hailing from Cyprus, share them in the comments!)

Arrayan Path have actually been covered on The Monolith before. Previously, our resident power and progressive metal expert Orsaeth reviewed their fourth album IV:Stigmata, from which this newly released song is the title track. “Stigmata” is a six and a half minute power prog epic, and while Orsaeth didn’t give the band the most favourable review, he still praised the quality of their musicianship.

The fact is, while Arrayan Path are in no way going to revolutionize the genre, they are very capable of creating singularly compelling pieces of music and that is evident on “Stigmata“. I particularly enjoy some of the delicate orchestral flourishes and the passionate vocal delivery of vocalist Nicholas Leptos. Accompanying the track is a fairly typical lyric video which involves the image background of the video slowly passing over, and focusing on certain sections of the album artwork. Nothing too fancy, but it suits the decidedly regal feel of the song.

IV: Stigmata is out now via Pitch Black Records. The standard CD version (that comes with two bonus tracks) can be purchased from their store here. Note that there is also a special edition that comes bundled with a cassette, but that is almost sold out, so if you’re interested you should act quickly!

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of power/progressive metal in this vein? Are Arrayan Path a good example of the genre? What are some of your favourite power prog bands? Sound off in the comments!

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