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Arsis may be in flux and welcoming new members, but somehow they’re still managing to kick out new material. It’s always something to look forward to as well, because the band have never consistently sounded the same from record to record. Some may be blisteringly death metal and others may veer more on the melo-death side. It’s always dynamic and something unexpected to say this least.

This time around, Arsis have teamed up with the Scion A/V metal crew to release an EP known as Leper’s Caress for free. It’s a six track EP consisting of an intro, four new songs, and a re-recording of the song “Veil Of Mourning Black“. “Veil Of Mourning Black“ has been around for a very long time, and was originally only available if you bought their early material collection or somehow got your hands on a very rare copy of their demo prior to A Celebration Of Guilt. The material on Leper’s Caress is in line with what the band were doing on Starve For The Devil, just more on the death metal side of the spectrum.

I haven’t given it my full attention yet but a quick spin has left a damn good impression and you’ll hear a lot of throwbacks to earlier Arsis material on this. Apparently they recorded Lepers Caress after wrapping up work on the group’s forthcoming album Unwelcome so this EP actually features a more recent snapshot of what the band are up to than the album that releases next year.

You can find the EP at Scion A/V’s metal page and you can download it there. You’ll have to surrender your email to the wiles of that crew but you should be well used to that stuff by now, especially if you’ve taken advantage of free deals like this before.