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Arsis Title Their Next Album Unwelcome – Release Artwork And Tracklist

Arsis - Unwelcome

Arsis are a highly respected technical melodic death metal band from Virginia. Despite the fact they’ve never had the most stable of line-ups during their time as a band, their last two albums have all been extremely well received by the music press. As such, a fifth album for them is sure to ratchet on a lot of people’s most anticipated albums of 2013 lists. Arsis is the brainchild of frontman James Malone, guitarist and vocalist of the band. While all of the other members of the band have always been in constant rotation, Malone has always managed to keep Arsis focused on making great music, whilst also bringing in slight influences from all the different musicians that the project attracts. It’s through this sharp focus and understanding of melodic death metal that Malone has built a very strong reputation for his band. Yesterday they revealed the cover art (featured above) and track listing for their upcoming fifth full-length album, Unwelcome.

The artwork is a simplistic, but effective piece, quite old-fashioned stylistically which is an interesting touch. It follows a similar motif to their other album covers and a lot of that has to do with the fact that it was handled once again by longtime collaborator Mark Riddick.

Here’s a statement from Malone about the album:

[quote-symbol symbol1]So, we’ve had Unwelcome finished for quite some time now and we are happy to finally be able to share the finished product with everyone.

As a band/musician, it’s sometimes difficult to separate yourself from your work and visualize how others are going to interpret your work. In other words, it’s sometimes hard to know whether or not your ideas are relevant to anyone but yourself. With Unwelcome, we certainly put all of our everything into the writing and recording and stopped paying attention to what’s trendy or what we think might appeal to a larger audience. In doing so, I feel we have created one of the most sincere ARSIS albums and perhaps one of the most relevant.”

On top of that, the band also unveiled the track listing for the album. There’s never usually a whole lot of information to be gleaned from these kind of lists other than a cursory, “yep, yep that seems suitably metal enough!” but here it is anyway:

1. Unwelcome
2. Carve my Cross
3. Handbook for the Recently Deceased
4. Choking on Sand
5. Let me be the One
6. Sunglasses at Night
7. Martyred or Mourning
8. No One Lies to the Dead
9. I Share in Shame
10. Scornstar

Unwelcome was tracked at Audiohammer Studios in Florida with producer Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Devildriver, Deicide, Six Feet Under).

Arsis’ last release was in the form of a small EP, created in conjunction with the ever-reliable Scion A/V and is a great place to hear the debut of new guitarist Brandon Ellis and drummer/longtime session member Shawn Priest. The Leper’s Caress EP can be downloaded for free here.

Taken from the same EP, the song “Carve My Cross” received a pretty good music video, which can be viewed below. If Arsis continue delivering the goods with Unwelcome then we’ll have another great 2013 release on our hands.

Unwelcome will be released on April 30, 2013 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.

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