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Arsonists Get All The Girls

Strange things are happening in the Arsonists Get All The Girls camp. The band have just entered the studio to begin working on their fifth album, the currently untitled follow-up to last year’s excellent Motherland. However, the progressive metalcore giants have been very quiet recently and aside from a pretty standard press release, have yet to announce the large line-up changes that they’re entering the studio with.

While in this day and age of social media integration it may seem strange to not alert your vast fanbase of any personnel changes (usually via a statement from the band AND the leaving party), it seems that the band aren’t too interested in indulging people with the personal mechanics of their group. It’s true that the band have encountered considerable shake-ups throughout their career and perhaps they’re tired of all of the hoo-hah associated with it?

Either way, they’ve unfortunately waved goodbye to founding guitarist Arthur Alvarez, (now only one founding member remains in the form of drummer Garin Rosen) and vocalist Jared Monette . Now the band are rocking only one guitarist and they’ve brought their original vocalist back into the fold, Remi Rodberg. It comes with this that the band are promising their new album will be a return to the band’s early work in musical style.

Arsonists Get All The Girls are a band that have dramatically changed their sound since their inception. Originally they were a joke deathcore band with frantic grindcore leanings. Their original vocalist, Remi had weak lows, but an extremely visceral high pitched shriek that did their first record, Hits From The Bow a lot of favours. However, the band really matured when they brought Jared into the fold – with him they created their two masterpieces Portals and Motherland, his voice lending a large amount of maturity and legitimacy to proceedings. Jared had a very varied and powerful voice, with some extremely impressive lows for the metalcore genre.

It seems peculiar for a band as well established as Arsonists to take such a drastic shift, and this writer’s opinion a step back to the ways of old. While the first album was a fun deterrent to a lot of other available deathcore it was tiresome and The Game Of Life (their second release) was relatively uninspiring – feeling like a band lost between sounds after the tragic death of their bassist Patrick Mason.

While the band have come a long way since their debut, let’s hope that this next album retains the quality music that they’ve built their brand on over the last few years. For now, we’ll give Remi the benefit of the doubt, but he has some big shoes to fill of the more seasoned Jared.

Colour me cautiously optimistic for this release.

Check out two great tracks from their masterpieces, and one from their first album.

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