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Ash Borer Make New Song Available Online


Ash Borer are a black metal band from Northern California. They play a style of black metal similar to Wolves in the Throne Room, a sound often referred to as Cascadian black metal. Long songs, lyrical themes pertaining to nature, and epic composition are hallmarks of this sound. Ash Borer add elements of doom and gloom to the frigid blasts of bleak darkness. Their 2011 self titled debut album was an excellent start for the young band, and last year’s Cold of Ages was a fantastic follow up.

Now, Ash Borer are set to release an EP, called Bloodlands, on March 1st via Gilead Media, the striking art for which is featured at the top of this post. It will contain three tracks. On Sunday, one song from this upcoming release was released on Bandcamp for streaming. Titled “Oblivion’s Spring”, it clocks in at 15 minutes long, and showcases the very best of Ash Borer. Cold, haunting, echoing clean passages are mixed with freezing, furious black metal and slower doomy sections are all tied together with epic and accomplished songwriting. A sense of decay and dread emanates from this track, and when all is said and done, the listener is left in awe of the storm they just witnessed.

Bloodlands is not yet available for pre-order. Keep an eye on Gilead Media’s page for information.

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