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The prolific Dan Swano returns with new project Witherscape


Dan Swano, progressive metal legend behind such bands as Bloodbath, Katatonia, Edge of Sanity and Nightingale - in addition to working with also-legend Arjen Lucassen and his lucrative producing and engineering work – is back with a new project coming this summer. That project, dubbed Witherscape, is being billed as the closest thing to a new Edge of Sanity album that we’re going to get, and a mix of Nightingale and EoS. Yesterday Century Media debuted the first song from this highly anticipated new album, which is called The Inheritance.

The song, titled “Astrid Falls”, is a stunning portrait of musical endeavour, and a good representation of everything Swano has done in the past. It begins with dark melodic guitars over heavy chords and a few hearty growls from the man himself – which feature in addition to his lovely clean bass voice. It is a gentle, almost chilling affair. The reality is that Dan Swano is able to make music Opeth only wished they could; heavy, yet light. Everything is beautifully mixed, the guitars are feathery soft and the keyboards sound like something from a classic Yes album with modern production values. Even when Swano utilizes his growls, the music still remains graceful; the refrain has an almost uplifting feel to the vocal melody.

The song is accompanied by a video with some utterly wonderful pictures and images. These further illustrate the mood brought by the music; melancholy and wistfulness in particular are plentiful. The song clearly tells a story, but it is not quite clear what that is yet – perhaps it will be more apparent in the context of the full album.

Either way, this will crank up the excitement for this release even more. Check it out:

The Inheritance is out via Century Media on July 29th in Europe and August 6th in North America.

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