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August Burns Red combine standard and lyric video formats for new track “Fault Line”

August Burns Red - Rescue & Restore

Metalcore is a funny business – reviled in some spheres, lauded in others – but I think I sit somewhere in the middle. I don’t listen to a lot, and tend towards the hidden gems and more “out there” examples of the genre – which is why it’s funny that I’ve spun this god damn catchy new August Burns Red song about five times already.

August Burns Red are, for all intents and purposes, a bit more towards the standard, Warped Tour end of the metalcore spectrum; from the guitar tone and galloping drums to the vocal style of frontman Jake Luhrs, The Pennsylvanians five-piece lean more towards Killswitch than Crydebris. Indeed, they’ve done very well for themselves from it; the 2011 album 11 sold 29,000 copies in its first week and made #11 on the Billboard 200. Not bad!

The song, called “Fault Line“, is the first new song we’ve heard int he run-up to the band’s forthcoming album Rescue & Restore. When the artwork was revealed on label Solid State Record’s website last week the influx of interested fans crashed the site – again, not bad – so I think it’s safe to say this is one to keep an eye on for metalcore afficonados.

The song comes with a lyric video, but it’s a fairly ambitious one, with more than bog-standard animated visuals to accompany the music and words. I particularly warmed to the mid-end section of the song in its quieter moments, but it’s not a bad tune overall – check it out:

Of the song and album, principal songwriter JB Brubaker says:

[quote-symbol symbol1]“Fault Line” is a staple sounding ABR song. It’s a good place to start when whetting people’s appetites for Rescue & Restore.

Rescue & Restore is about challenging other bands and ourselves, as well as fans of this music, to want more than whatever happens to be the current buzz. We’ve done our best with each new album to try to push our sound in new directions and we’d like to see our peers do the same.

There are a plethora or pre-order packages available for the album, available here. Rescue & Restore drops June 25th through Solid State Records.

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