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This new OMSQ video is the best thing you’ll see all week

OMSQ Limitless video

Indian cinema is fantastic, isn’t it? Like soap opera on the big screen, it’s full of drama, action and utter ridiculousness. So when a music video opens with a thrown bottle smashing against a lamp post, and a weird stare-off between a cop and a gang in a jeep, you know you’re in for a treat.

Thus opens “Limitless” by Belgian outfit OMSQ, who we first became aware of at last September’s Facemelter show with PSOTY and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster. They were promoting their latest record Thrust/Parry, from which this track is taken. It’s essentially just an excerpt from the film with the track over the top, but it creates an intriguing dichotomy between the action on screen and the style of the music. Have a look:

The scene comes from this clip from the Singham films, and is absolutely hilarious for several reasons. Firstly, Ajay Devgn’s character goes from 0-sweaty chest in about 3 strides. Second, his blows apparently defy the laws of physics, lifting the main antagonist up when he hits him from above, rather than pwning him into the ground. Third, when he open-palm slaps the guy who bolts – who needs punching? And finally, he actually takes off his belt to give the perps a good old thrashing.

It is on every level totally awesome, and we must commend OMSQ for this fine choice.

As for the track itself, it’s a slow-burner, building on the repetition of a couple of central riffs and guitar lines. It’s got that grimey, stoner-rock fuzz all over it, completely at odds to the high-octane, car-flipping scene it accompanies, but it somehow just works.

If you like what you hear, definitely go and pick up Thrust/Parry from Bandcamp here.

OMSQ have a few shows booked in the next couple of months. Dates are below:

20 May @ L’Escalier, Liège, Belgium
04 Jun @ Magasin 4,Brussels, Belgium
20 Jun @ Muziekcentrum Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium