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The Baboon beats one out over Deliver Us From Evil and Hatebreed!

deliver us from evil and hatebreed

It’s been long enough. Time for part 4.

The concept is simple: Mr. Pink-buttocks serves up songs he digs the shit out of. In batches of two. These are songs that stuck, over the course of years mostly, months sometimes, in case of instant classics. And because everyone is autistic to some degree they’re bundled in one-country packages. Today’s selection is from the US.

As always, grab yourself a glass of iceless Scotch with one hand and your penile extension in your other. Listen to the songs and enjoy yourself. In any one way.


When he first discovered this band in 2010, The Baboon was instantly sold. Or perhaps just his soul.

Deliver Us From Evil are (currently) a four-headed groove-death metal-monster from the American Midwest, Evansville, Indiana to be precise. With a thick Southern base layer, fat bass grooves, and drumming with an ever-tasteful catch, Deliver Us From Evil deliver buckets full of goodness for anyone with a mind for rhythm. They’ve been going at it for six years now, and the fruits of that period are a full-length (2008) and two EPs of three songs each (2010 and 2013).

Today we’ll go back to that 2010 one, with “Death Mortar“, a song that brilliantly demonstrates exactly what this band’s key strength is. Don’t miss out on the new (or older) stuff though, Deliver Us From Evil are packing a punch!


This song is a real guilty pleasure of mine, and admittedly there’s absolutely nothing sophisticated about it, let alone in the manner the band above has their intelligent shit going on. However, if a band can roar for a massive crowd to “destroy everything”, supported by a small handful of simple riffs, and really fuckin’ mean it, they must either not know how bad they suck or push a right button or two. Hatebreed, at least with this song, does exactly the latter.

Destroy Everything” – obviously – is the type of song that turns any person into a mindless hooligan kicking and smacking the shit out of everything. Potentially. ‘Nuf said.

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