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The Baboon Brings Out Two Tasty UK Metal Treats!


The concept of combining two same-country bands in one post sticks. And why not?

After exploring two Polish bands and two Swedish outfits, today it’s time for two UK ones. As always, The Baboon will introduce you to some of his all-time favourite songs which he keeps coming back to on the ever-expanding pile of video media crap that is YouTube. Although actually, you should already know at least one of today’s ones, so I’ll just force-feed it to you again.

The Baboon can’t ever get enough of these songs and prefers to listen with a lovely glass of single malt Scotch – no ice – in his right hand. And his cock in his left. You’re encouraged to do the same. Please take a picture of this and send it to


Formed in 2000 and from Reading, close-to-London, England is Sylosis. They are a band quite intimately related to The Monolith and a band many of us dig the shit out of. After a good, solid record in 2008, called Conclusion of an Age, they dropped another great album in 2011 with Edge of the Earth. It blew every other album straight out of The Baboon’s top ten and proceeded to occupy all ten spots by itself. And it still does that today, despite of the 2012 follow-up record Monolith.

Sylosis has been my mate during several prolonged business stays in China. There’s nothing quite like it that will take you straight back to your own metal-loving self after a booze-heavy night out in a place crowded with poshed-up girls of an ‘ideal blowjob height’ (IBH) where the only music played is sugar-sweet Asia-pop. The things you do for good co-worker relations.

A Serpent’s Tongue” was (and is) the song best able to put a maniacal grin on my face, while headbanging in bed with a pair of headphones on. Best drunk thought-maelstroms ever!


OK, I’ll admit it, I only just discovered this one, despite that the corresponding record ended up quite high in The Professor’s 2012 list. Indeed, it’s as brilliant as diced bacon. Bloodshot Dawn are a melodeath-thrash four-piece from Portsmouth, UK. They formed in 2003 and then took a helluvalot of time to come up with just one album so far: Bloodshot Dawn (2012). The reviews it received, however, praise the shit out of it. And indeed, what I’ve picked up licks my ears too!

Bloodshot Dawn did a video for a song called “Vision“. Thunderingly heavy and with sky-splitting guitar solo work. Some Scar Symmetry-styled harmonics provide an irresistible sweetness, but the song’s best feature is crusty basis of syncopated rhythms that could have been inspired by that other well-known band of Swedes. For fans of guitar wizardry!

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