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Entombed & Miseration

This post is in the exact same vein as my first edition of Balls-Busting Beats, but instead of two Polish groups, I’ll be exploring two Swedish groups. This post is basically dictated by the concept of highlighting some personal favourite tracks that get constant play from me and my pink buttocks on Youtube. What could be simpler? Hopefully I’ll be able to force good music on our readers rather than just horrific Baboon ass related images.

These Swedish treats are divided pretty conveniently between time periods; old school and new guard if you will: Entombed and Miseration.

Best enjoyed through headphones and under the comforting accompanying of a gradually emptying glass of Scotch!

Entombed – “I For An Eye”

Though officially started in 1989, the earliest roots of this band go back to 1987, when they were still going by the name of Nihilist. Old school death metal by all means then and way preceding my own first positive experiences with extreme metal music. It’s probably because of this that it isn’t something from Entombed‘s earlier material, but a song from their later (2001) album Morning Star that tickles my fancy time and time again. By then they were more ‘death ‘n’ roll’, which is precisely what is so appealing to me.

In any case, I suspect the band needs little introduction as they have been of pioneering importance to Scandinavian death metal and have built an incredible name for themselves. If you haven’t heard of Entombed, now is the time to make up for lost time.

I’ll suffice to say that “I For An Eye” has one of the most a-typical music videos for a death metal song ever. The bounding of the bicycle tires to the beat of the bass drums is awesome!

Miseration – “Dreamdecipher”

This one has little to do with the peaceful and revitalizing association you may have with the word ‘dream’. Rather, it’s a mind-boggling assault on the ear drums with enough power to wake up the most hearing-impaired occupants of a retirement home for World War Two veterans.

The group in question is of a more recent date of erection (2006), but consists of a number of Swedish death metal giants nonetheless. Most notably there are Jani Stefanović (Solution .45, The Few Against Many, Essence of Sorrow and a bunch of other bands) and Christian Älvestam (ex-Scar Symmetry, Unmoored, Solution .45, The Few Against Many, Torchbearer, etc.). With Miseration the frequent musical partners produce what must be their most solid, no holds barred, punch-in-the-face offering of all.

Albums were released in 2007, 2009 and 2012. From 2009’s The Mirroring Shadow, opening song “Dreamdecipher” continues to treat my audio canals to ridiculously loud, but brilliantly complicated death metal thunder.

What are your favourite Entombed & Miseration songs? Who are your favourite Swedish death metal bands?

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