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The Ocean to be down two members after current European tour


Surfacing deep from the twisted wires of Facebook today [via Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s keen-eyed Damien] has come the news that guitarist Jonathan Nido and drummer Luc Hess will be stepping down from their incumbent positions with The Ocean following the conclusion of the band’s current European tour.

It’s been a big year for the quintet; their most recent deep-sea monster of an album Pelagial was released to no small amount of praise back in the spring (you may have caught our theme week *plug plug*), and they’ve been touring it for much of the year, being involved in Summer Slaughter in the U.S. as well as a bunch of mainland European dates, and even Russia.

The update has come as the band is about to begin said European tour, and reads as follows:

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As some of you already know, this upcoming tour will be the last one for me and Luc as members of THE OCEAN. We will both quit the band permanently after the last show of the tour.
June 25th 2013, after careful consideration, Luc decided to let us know that he would not carry-on playing with The Ocean after this European headlining tour. 2 days later, I also decided that it was time for a change and have kindly told the guys that this upcoming European tour will be the last one I will play with The Ocean as well.
An official and more detailed statement from the both of us will be published after the tour. As for now, all I can say is that we both had the feeling it was the right time to take this decision and move-on. There are obviously a ton of reasons for that to happen now. That include artistic divergence, full-time commitment to a project that isn’t 100% fullfilling anymore and other stuff like not wanting to deal with certain aspects/restrictions of what an established/touring act requires for its production and also the way things are generally working, especially on a personal level.
I don’t think we were supposed to announce this anytime before the end of the tour for whatever reason, but Luc and I thought that people that have discovered / enjoyed this band with this line-up during the last 6 years would maybe appreciate to know that this will be the last tour with this line-up instead of just finding out about it when the tour is over. So yeah, come out to any of these shows and let’s have a drink to celebrate whatever is next for both The Ocean and us!

The two have been with the band for a number of years now, despite many people having come and gone in the group\s early years, and this comes in the wake of bassist Louis Jucker’s decision to take a hiatus from the group to focus on his studies.

You may not be aware that Jucker, Nido and Hess are otherwise linked by Coilguns, a rather more brash and immediate, but thrilling project that seems to be holding the trio’s attention in no small measure, insofar that they’re still touring here and there where they can. It’s likely that this has something to do with the news, but who can say how much. If you haven’t caught Coilguns yet, however, here’s a taster:

As Simon pointed out a while ago, losing band members isn’t the end of the world, and principal member Robin Staps writes most of the band’s music anyway, so fear not for the future of the band. Both are fantastic musicians (Luc’s work on Pelagial in particular is stunning) but the show will go on, so go out and support them on their last hurrah. Here’s the skinny:

The Ocean Euro Tour 2013

See you in London this Friday!