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In this day and age where digital distribution has become the primary means of sales and exposure for up and coming musical acts, the internet has seen an enormous outpouring of bands emerge. While this is obviously great for the music scene, as a whole, it also presents the issue of the quality of everything that’s being released. Naturally, with a larger quantity of releases that means that there will also be a larger number of poorer quality releases to sift through. Every now and then, however, you’ll run into a band that makes all that seemingly endless sifting worth it. A band like Temple.

Temple, a two man project from Phoenix, Arizona, has stepped in with their own blend of doom, sludge, and black metal to offer to the burgeoning instrumental metal scene. That’s right folks…instrumental black metal. While theses black metal elements don’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, their inclusion into the realm of instrumental metal is a much appreciated breath of fresh air. Crushing riffs and drum beats throughout are well accompanied by sections of peaceful ambiance.

If the above description peaks your interest in the least, check out Temple’s first release, On The Steps Of The Temple, via their Bandcamp page here. You won’t be disappointed.