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The Barnum Meserve mix sweet with depressing in new video

The Barnum Meserve 2015

If you’ve been paying attention to our reviews lately, you will have caught the high praise we doled out on progressive rock trio The Barnum Meserve‘s sefl-titled debut LP, which was released a couple of weeks ago now.

The Nottinghamshire band have flown under the radar a little bit, but are proof positive that you can craft prog without the aid of a guitar: utilising bass, drums and piano – as well as Leon Wiley’s gorgeous vocals – The Barnum Meserve is a heady reserve of the finest quality, meshing hooks, weighty emotion and soaring orchestral elements, both richly mature and incredibly rewarding. It’s been some time coming, but dropped like a breath

A single and video for lead single “Colours” was released way back in October, but the band are now offering up a new slice of cinematography with this somewhat bleak video for “Underneath The Grey“:

It’s simply shot but looks good. It’s not the happiest though; scenes of a disheveled and depressed-looking man are cut with those of a young girl. As the story unfolds, it appears she is – or perhaps was – his daughter, and she’s gone for some reason – the cause for his malaise, and likely the cause of the video’s grim conclusion.

The track itself grows slowly, playing with those orchestral elements mentioned earlier. The thing about TBM is that they always sound somewhat light and hopeful, thanks to to the brightness of their tones and the superb quality of Leon’s vocals, but this is certainly at odds with the visual element presented here.

It’s not all like this though, promise. Make sure you go give the whole album a listen over at Bandcamp, and buy it if you like it.

The band don’t currently have any live shows scheduled, but we live in hope – they’d be perfect on a bill with someone like Haken.