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Baroness 2012

Progressive sludge metal act Baroness has been on the mend these past few months since their horrific bus accident that occurred near Bath in England back in August. Reading this story is truly unbelievable and will make you realize how lucky all of them are to be alive. They’ve been entirely focused on the healing process and, unsurprisingly, we haven’t heard much from the Baroness camp since.

However, a new statement was released two days ago, via their website. “Simply put: it’s time to get back to it,” says frontman John Baizley. He goes on to talk about the struggles involved with physical therapy and having to be subjected to what’s on TV nowadays, but also states that they “have everything they need to get “back in” that particular saddle again.” To keep our minds even more at ease, they also released a short clip of John and fellow guitarist Pete Adams playing an acoustic version of “Stretchmarker,” an instrumental track off of their latest double album Yellow & Green. Check out the clip below.

This is truly uplifting news, as originally the outlook for John Baizley and Baroness as a whole, was a lot bleaker; Baizeley had to have his arm reconstructed, after all.

Baroness released their double album Yellow & Green this year, which has been subject to massive critical praise, showing up on quite few peoples’ radars as one of their favorite albums of this year. As with any band, it is critical that they are able to tour in support of their new record, and with these latest developments it’s clear that no matter the difficulties the band fully intend to do just that. The Monolith would like to direct a massive amount of respect towards the group as they fearlessly continue to do what defines them as a band. It’s especially comforting to see Baizley being able to use his limbs, as after the accident we all feared the worst. Not only does the man heavily rely on his work as a musician, but also as a prolific artist so it’s fantastic news that we’ll continue to be graced with the fruits of both of his ample talents.

Yellow & Green was released on the 17th July 2012, via Relapse Records. If you’re one of the few people who are yet to give this great album a shot you should head on over to their Bandcamp and rectify that immediately.

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