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Basick Records: lots of new music in 2015

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Although they weren’t totally silent last year, independent UK label Basick Records were quieter than usual. Preferring to develop their artists organically, rather than crack the whip over deadlines, the releases they put out are always of a very high quality – even if the particular band’s brand of art doesn’t quite sail your schooner.

As such, only four brand new albums (as well as a deluxe reissue) saw the light of day in 2014 – but that’s going to change pretty significantly over these next 12 months, as Basick plan to release 8 new records in 2015.

They’ve spent the last week or so posting a series of teasing pictures of eight Basick artists, accompanied by the words “New music via Basick in 2015″. This is exciting indeed – that’s something new on average every month and a half – so we thought we’d break down what we already know, what we reckon, and what to expect.

Alaya new music 2015

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Release name: TBA
Release date: TBA

Chicagoans Alaya only released their debut album Thrones last year (after signing to Basick 18 months previously), but it seems we’ve been extra good and are going to be getting new material this year.

Alaya write fantastically catchy and melodic music that is at the same time wonderfully technical, and the fact that there’s only three of them makes this even more impressive. We like to think of them as some sort of Muse/Meshuggah hybrid – Museshuggah, if you will – and can’t wait to hear more of this kind of thing:

The likelihood is that, given the time it took between signing and release, Alaya wrote a fair amount of stuff on top of Thrones, and they’re probably burning to get it out. Whether this will be another album, an EP, or just a song or two is hard to tell, but we live in hope.

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The Algorithm new music 2015

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Release name: TBA
Release date: TBA

Another artist that released an album last year, Rémi Gallego – AKA The Algorithm – is one of Basick’s poster children. He’s only ever released through them, and with two fantastic albums - Polymorphic Code and OCTOPUS4 – under his belt, it seems he’s got even more coming very soon.

It was obvious in September that Rémi was already working on new stuff; a single called “Terminal” raised its head. It’s quite experimental, even for The Algorithm’s brand of glitchy, IDM/rhythmic metal, but we guess it’s a precursor signal for more new stuff, and it appears that something new will be with us this year.

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