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Equal Vision/Basick signing Glass Cloud were involved in a van crash over the weekend – Saturday morning, to be precise. The band, which features Josh Travis of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extavaganza and Jerry Roush (Sky Eats Airplane, Of Mice & Men) were travelling through Deadman’s Pass on the Oregon Trail between shows on the AP Tour (which they were on with Miss May IThe Ghost InsideThe Amity Affliction and Like Moths To Flames) when their van hit a patch of ice, spun 180 degrees and flipped after a wheel clipped a rock.

All passengers of the vehicle are fine, but the van? Not so much. Travis posted a message to their Facebook page, including the following appraisal of the damage:

The crash shattered all the windows on that side leaving us all laying in broken glass. It also partially caved in the roof, shattered the windshield, and caved in the entire sheet metal siding on the drivers side. Our trailer has a twisted frame and tongue, bent up wheels, the back gate is pinched shut, the roof is pushed out and everything BUT our equipment is pretty much unsalvageable (thank god for flight cases on our instruments).

The band are currently in an Econolodge, where they filmed this video, detailing how fans and interested parties can assist in getting them back on the road to finish the tour, and for the future, to get them a new van and trailer!

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that as we head into the darkest crevice of winter, be careful out there on the roads, whether you’re in a band or just driving to work. Automotive accidents can be pretty horrific; you only have to look at the ‘lucky’ escape (despite shattered limbs) of Baroness in the UK a couple of months ago, or the recent death of Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence on his motorbike. be it weather, substance or other – just be smart!