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UK screamo quintet Grappler have released a brand new video for the song “I’m Everything I’ve Ever Feared” from their upcoming album Everything I’ve Ever Feared. It’s of the live, black and white variety – not uncommon in this genre – but done about as well as it can be, with solid editing, lighting, and shot selection. Indeed, there are a tremendous amount of live music videos out there in the internet aether, but many come off as transparently cheap work-arounds, existing only as a result of low budgets and weak imaginations. “I’m Everything I’ve Ever Feared” neatly avoids these potential pitfalls, showcasing the band’s exciting stage presence.

Grappler come from the school of desperately emotional post-hardcore, keeping it brief, but powerful; “I’m Everything I’ve Ever Feared” is a quick burst of energy, pulsing with angst and anger. The vocals are pained wails, buoyed by a solid rhythm section and captivating guitar playing. Even when the song slows down and moves into a short breakdown, complete with gang vocals and chunky chugs, Grappler keep it serious, conveying that sense of on-edge anguish that makes good post-hardcore and screamo worth listening to. Despite its brevity, by the end of “I’m Everything I’ve Ever Feared“, Grappler have taken the listener on a  tour through their world. Theirs is a style of music that is best when it is fresh and undiluted; Grappler don’t disappoint.

Everything I’ve Ever Feared is the followup to the band’s 2011 EP, Callow, which is available through Grappler’s Bandcamp. The three-track EP is a solid first outing with absolutely no filler. As far as mission statements go, Callow does the job, locating Grappler as one of the up and coming screamo outfits to watch. The band has also released a promotional video clip for the first track off of Everything I’ve Ever Feared, “The Best Have Formed A Crown”.

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