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Best Albums Of April 2015

As a collaborative effort, The Monolith staff run down their favourite albums released each month and present them to you, as a list, with words and pictures and music. It’s much like a lecture at the university of awesome, only you don’t have to look at us or make notes really. Best school ever.

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The Crinn - Shadowbreather

The Crinn – Shadowbreather

28th April

The tech-grind scene is somewhat small and tightly knit – maybe due to the fact that it couples extremes together, and through that becomes an underground within the underground. One of the amazing bands that bridges both genres is The Crinn, who have just released their second full length album Shadowbreather.

Following up an album as ambitious and jawdropping as Dreaming Saturn, The Crinn’s first LP, was always going to be unenviable. Shadowbreather takes to the task with relish, however. More a collection of songs than a cohesive album, it’s nevertheless full of killer material. The album flies past, which – as I’ve noted in the past with other intense albums – is kind of a blessing. The tracks are complex, and warrant repeat listens to properly become acquainted with them.

There was this alien quality to Dreaming Saturn that’s not quite there with Shadowbreather, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What we get instead is a rough, visceral sound that many may welcome in the world of overly-polished, digitised tech metal. It feels human and aggressive; The Crinn have always sounded as if they are on the edge of falling apart, but here it’s taken even further.

There’s a new, slightly more black metal edge in some of the songs, but overall this should definitely appeal to fans of technical, abrasive and intense music – especially serving as a treat for those who’ve never listened to The Crinn before: there are two EPs and another full length waiting once you finish Shadowbreather.

- Jón