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Best Albums Of February 2015

As a collaborative effort, The Monolith staff run down around 15 or so of their favourite albums released each month and present them to you, as a list, with words and pictures and music. It’s much like a lecture at the university of awesome, only you don’t have to look at us or make notes really. Best school ever.

Here were January’s.

Here’s February’s list, starting with:


Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go

10th Feb


Eleven songs, twenty minutes and 100% hardcore: Blacklisted are back with their fourth full length, and first since 2009’s No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me - and if you thought they were heavy and lonely before, just wait until you hear When People Grow, People Go. From the title and painstakingly honest lyrics to the always emotional but varying instrumentation, the album positively drips sincerity.

Because of Will Yip’s production credits for Title Fight’s more experimental output, people seemed to forget he’s also worked with Blacklisted before (and with Title Fight before the change) and perhaps expected them to step into a different realm with their music, but this album is straight forward and hard-hitting in all the best ways. Vocally and instrumentally diverse enough to feel exciting all the way through, but cohesive enough to feel 100% true to its roots, When People Grow, People Go should feel just as home in the ears of a hardcore veteran as the ones of a newbie.

- Jón