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Best Albums Of March 2015

As a collaborative effort, The Monolith staff run down around 15 or so of their favourite albums released each month and present them to you, as a list, with words and pictures and music. It’s much like a lecture at the university of awesome, only you don’t have to look at us or make notes really. Best school ever.

Here were January’s.

Here were February’s

Here’s March’s list, starting with:

Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire album art

Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire

17th Mar

Born in the heart of a supernova, and featuring legends Christian Muenzner and Hannes Grossman (as well as members of Noneuclid and Dark Fortress), tech metal supergroup Alkaloid have built a towering megastructure of a new album. The Malkuth Grimoire features a kickass suite of songs about the construction of a Dyson sphere, as well as other mind-warping tracks that enter the nth dimension. It’s an avant-garde, progressive metal masterwork.

For those expecting tech-death in the vein of Obscura or Grossman’s solo album, there are dashes of that, but this record is so much more than that. Heaviness is mixed with passages of clean guitar riffs, including some stellar work in “Carbon Phrases” – which might have one of my favourite riffs of the year so far – and some lovely melodic passages such as those found in “Orgonism”. The “Dyson Sphere” suite is a groovier beast and, though it features some silly lyrics, is a standout of the album.

The vocal variety, courtesy of Dark Fortress’ Morean, alternates between a gruffer clean sort of sound and some seriously heavy growls. It might not sound it, but it’s quite lovely.

The Malkuth Grimoire is a stellar debut from the supergroup, and we suspect there is far more to come from them.

- Kevin