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Second Tech Fest 2015 announcement adds much-desired bands

Tech Fest 2015 second poster

It seems like announcements for festivals are getting earlier and earlier. Fan demand is at a high, and so organisers feel the pressure to let slip the details sooner rather than later in order to secure attendees.

By this time last year, we hadn’t even had the first announcement for UK Tech Fest (that came March 20th), but this year I think they’ve felt the pressure a bit – we had #1 back just before Christmas, and today the second wave has just been announced.

Still, with excitement amongst the festival’s die-hard fan base high, they will hopefully sell a few hundred more tickets off the back of this – and here’s why.

First and foremost, there are a few bands many have been calling for almost incessantly, and it seems the cries have been heard as we’ve got confirmation of Icelandic quartet Agent Fresco and Norwegians Leprous. Both represent some of the finest in melodic, progressive Scandinavian metal. Both were very well received at Euroblast last year, and will certainly be highlights. So anticipated are the former, in fact, that Tech Fest’s organisers have scheduled them for two sets: one regular, one acoustic. Should be something special.

Making a return from Tech Fest 13 are Serbians Destiny Potato, who wowed many with last year’s awesome debut Lun. This will come only a few months after their very short UK tour next month (which was only announced last week), so if you can’t see them on that, here’s your chance.

After failing to properly make the first two festivals, the uber-techy Aliases finally made it last year, and I guess to make up for missing it previously, they’ve been booked for another go. Handy, really, as they’re due to release their new album sometime this year, so it will be very nice to hear some of that.

Whilst not my cup of joe, Parisian (via Leicester and Saint-Petersburg) dudes Betraying The Martyrs are likely to draw a fair few. We weren’t so fond of their last album Phantom, but it’s likely to translate much better in a live environment.

Ex-TesseracT vocalist Ashe O’Hara’s Voices From The Fuselage are also a sneaky addition. I’m not that familiar with them, but loved Ashe’s work with TesseracT, so this is a most welcome addition.

Beyond the bigger names, we’ve got excellence in the form of Mask Of Judas, No Sin Evades His Gaze, The Colour Line and many more with whom I hope to become better acquainted in the coming months.

Interestingly, there’s not what I’d call a ‘big headliner’ amongst them. The previously announced Decapitated are clearly one of them, but I don’t think Betraying The Martyrs or Leprous qualify for the very top billing, so we’ve still got some really tasty stuff to come.

If any of these excite you as much as they should, you can grab your ticket for the friendliest long weekend in metal from this location here. Tech Fest 2015 will take place from July 9th-13th at Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire.