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Yesterday, news crept out pertaining to a highly rumoured tour early next year that has younger prog nerds literally salivating. Coheed and Cambria will be touring the US (potentially North America) with Between The Buried And Me and Russian Circles in tow. CaC (heh) and BtBaM may seem like an odd pairing to the uninitiated, but this is a genius business move.

Both bands have extremely large and passionate followings, and while there is definitely a musical cross section between the two, (tied to their progressive leanings) there is also a significant enough difference in approach that will mean there are fans of one band who may not be too familiar with the other. Due to the devout followings that these bands produce, the audience are more likely to flock aggressively, even if the other bands aren’t to their taste. We all know what it’s like to see a band that you’re previously unfamiliar with, blow you away live, it’s a truly special moment and one that these two bands will be capitalizing on tremendously, as both bands are renowned for their strong live performances.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that both bands will be riding the wave of incredible critical success with their latest endeavours. The Afterman: Ascension (CaC) and The Parallax II: Future Sequence (BtBaM) have been received as two of the best modern prog albums ever by a lot of fans so more than ever, there will be a phenomenal draw towards a show combining the two.

Personally, I’m not a fan of either band, but I have a huge respect for their ambitious and honest music. I am very aware however that to younger prog nerds who love both bands, this is a meeting of titans and one that if it required a ten hour drive; they would still probably make the trip. Does it become a pilgrimage at that point?

Russian Circles are little more than an afterthought to most people in relation to this tour, though this is more indicative of the huge names they’re touring with. This shouldn’t take away from the fact that they’re a good band who have just booked themselves an incredible stepping stone in their career.

The full official date list will be announced on November 5th. It’s crazy to think that a tour happening in February and March is receiving this much exposure before the dates have even been announced, but such is the reputation of the bands that it involves. There are a large contingent of music lovers who will go crazy for anything regarding ONE of this bands, so both may cause a few deaths via hyperventilation, or some epic Scanners-esque head explosion.

When the full date list is announced be sure to check the event calendar. Remember, you can even add events yourself when you’re an Acolyte!

Are you excited for this tour? Are you worried about an outbreak of head exploding cases? Let us know!