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For readers not from the US, and in particular not on the Atlantic Coast like I am, we are preparing for a hurricane like we have never seen before and it is really scaring the hell out of the locals. Usually here in New Jersey we get the shrapnel from storms, i.e. some winds and thunderstorms but due to what Hurricane Irene did last year and what this new threat, Hurricane Sandy represents we may have to find out the hard way what the Florida and Carolina coast deal with on a yearly basis. The rain has really not started as of yet but as of 1 PM here this photo above was taken in Hackensack NJ and shows just how real of a threat this represents.

I implore you to stay indoors if you live in the tri-state area (Connecticut, Metro NY and Long Island, and New Jersey) as all the major highways are now closed and show that this is now to be taken lightly. For now we can use this post as a discussion board for storm themed music and just try to keep the spirits of you and others high while we ride out this very real storm. Here is a song pick of mine to get things started. Stay safe out there everyone.