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Ides Of Gemini-led side project Black Mare unveils video from Record Store Day split

Black Mare Low Crimes video

Side projects are always a bit of fun; a chance for members of several better-known bands to collaborate and throw out new ideas. “Experimental” isn’t always a byword for quality, but it does makes things a bit more arty usually, and we like that.

Black Mare are one of those. Fronted by Neurot natives Ides Of Gemini‘s Sera Timms, and including J. Bennet, Bryan Tulao – each of whom is in another band with one another (Timms and Bennet are in IoG, Timms and Tulao in Black Math Horseman and Bennet and Tulao in
Mustard Gas and Roses) – plus The Nocturnes/Incan Abraham/Marriages‘ Andrew Clinco.

They’ve just released a stunning video for a track called “Low Crimes“, which looks a little something like this:

We can’t help but draw comparisons to another recent shuffle from drummer Clinco: Marriages’ Salome, which features Red Sparowes‘ Emma Ruth Rundle in a similarly haunting role to Timms.It’s even moodier though, with darker instrumentation (that rumbling bass in particular is great) and haunting, almost distant vocals.

The video itself is well shot and rammed full of interesting costumes, bizarre happenings, and Timms dancing in a cave like some kind of well-dressed woods witch – well worth a watch, basically.

The track will be featured on a split the band are releasing with Lycia this weekend for Record Store Day. Speaking about it, Sera Timms said:


I was trying to capture a deep, lush underworld feeling on ‘Low Crimes’, but I wanted there to be a thread of light and softness. My own voice was not providing this, so I ended up having Tara Vanflower from Lycia add backing vocals which gives the vocal parts this perfect ethereal shimmering quality just hovering above the darkness.


And ethereal it is.

Black Mare & Lycia will be released tomorrow for RSD. There’s a limited edition black wax and grey swirl vinyl available to pre-order at this location, whilst digital copies can be ordered via Magic Bullet’s BandCamp here or on iTunes here.