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Veteran Brummie metal godfathers Black Sabbath unveil first new song in 18 years

Black Sabbath 2013

The long awaited day is finally here. After eighteen long years, heavy metal pioneers (in the truest sense) Black Sabbath have finally unveiled their first new song, entitled “God Is Dead?“.

It was announced in late 2011 that the band would be properly reuniting – not just for a tour to refill the coffers, but to record an album – and despite losing founding drummer Bill Ward over a contract dispute, the resultant record – called 13 - is but two months away now, and so the PR machine is lumbering into gear.

Streaming over at, “God Is Dead?” is classic Sabbath. I’d hardly call myself a connoisseur, but it’d be hard to be completely oblivious to both their actual sound, and more importantly their influence, and so this is a great throwback. It also sounds great; it has been produced by Rubeus Hagrid Rick Rubin, whose experience is undeniable (some gems of his include The Mars Volta‘s De-Loused In The Comatorium, Beastie BoysLicensed To Ill, and most of System Of A Down‘s catalogue), and oozes that bluesy metal quality that will drive every Sabbath fan wild with nostalgia.

It’s actually a wonder that this album has come about at all. Guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma quite soon after the initial album announcement was made, and despite his treatment having been successful so far – although he does have to be in the UK every six weeks to have antibodies administered – he’s not the only one to have had problems. Returning vocalist Ozzy Osbourne – picking up the mic again after the death of his legendary replacement Ronnie Jame Dio – had reportedly fallen off the wagon in a big way, causing marital problems alongside the obvious health issues that would have arisen. Then again, these guys have been doing this so long that their resolve is surely like some sort of adamantium/mithril alloy at this point.

13 will be released on June 11th through Universal/Vertigo Records. Prepare for it to be an event of some magnitude.

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