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Blood & Banjos Fuse Bluegrass & Black Metal Together!

Blood And Banjos album cover

In the midst of a genre renowned for its secrecy, theatricality and mysticism, one black metal band has decided to go against the grain, allowing fans and curious folk alike a chance to gain a deep insight into the method and madness of the creation of a black metal album. Certainly a novel idea, but that’s not all that sets apart Michigan-based Blood & Banjos. These guys blend their black metal with that well-known companion that is bluegrass music. Starting out as an experimental project that occurred thanks to a “casual conversation between friends” about combining the above-mentioned genres, the project has since grown to include 22 collaborators from the US and Germany. For those unfamiliar with bluegrass and black metal, take these two as examples of each:

So that suggests the music is going to be fairly manic, at least on paper. And as if this album weren’t crazy-sounding enough, there is also a concept storyline running through each track, featuring an Abram Stone, based on a local true story about a man named Joseph Heike. You can read about the original story and the album version here.

Now that the project has been a year in the making, Blood & Banjos have finally released a song for us to sample. The track, entitled “Sons Of Darkness”, is quite faithful to what the project have promised: the bluegrass is definitely there, as is the harsh extreme metal (which may or may not satisfy your definition of black), along with more than a smattering of insanity twixt the two. Quite a fun song overall, with the vocals being a particular point of interest. You can view the lyric video below.

And here is where you come in, gentle readers. Blood & Banjos have decided to “kickstart” the interest in their project using the highly successful Kickstarter website, and are offering various financial incentives for you to pour your hard-earned dollars into this venture. These range from posters and framed lyrics through to involvement in the album process, including the role of executive producer! The project was launched today, so get your pledges in before all the good stuff disappears.

What do you think of this project? Would you consider this to be a great fusion of black metal and bluegrass? Sound off in the comments!

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