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Obituary guitarist of 20 years busted over methamphetamine production

Allen West Obituary meth lab

Allen West, long-time guitarist for death metal band Obituary until 2006 – as well as Six Feet Under, Massacre and Lowbrow – has been arrested after a meth lab was discovered in his house…after calling the police there himself.

It seems like there’s a recurring theme with metal musicians and the law today – even though this actually occurred in late March – but Mr. West is being held at Sumter County Jail in Bushnell, FL on charges of “Drugs-Produce Methamphetamine” and “Drugs-Possess Listed Chemical With Manufacture Controlled Substance”, which are law-terms for being a crank producer.

The story’s a bit weird though, in that he might not have been caught had he not essentially invited the fuzz over to his Lake Panasoffkee property.

[quote-symbol symbol1]Upon arrival Deputies met with the property owner Allen West in a wooded area next to the residence. Allen West stated that two male subjects forcibly entered his house by kicking in the front door at which time he fled out the rear and hid in the woods.

West requested the Deputies search his residence for possible subjects. During the search Deputies noticed a strong acidic odor emitting from the master bedroom. Deputies then discovered in the master bedroom and bathroom plastic soda bottles with tubing protruding from them. The bottles also had a wet white pasty substance in the bottles and on the bathroom and bedroom counters. These items are commonly used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

After the Special Investigations Squad found ammonium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, lithium strips and other items commonly used to produce methamphetamine, the lab taken apart and West was arrested and is now being held on a $40,000 bond. Bummer.

Can’t see much happening beyond a big fine and a prison sentence at the very least. Florida Statute 893.135(1)(f) “prohibits the sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery, or knowing possession of 14 grams or more of methamphetamine”, with penalties ranging from a 3-year prison stint and $50,000 fine minimum mandatory right up to capital felony/$250,000 fine status for manufacture and supply of 400g or more, which is very serious indeed.

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