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Artsy Chicago post-rockers Bridges of Königsberg released a new video for the song “Five Colors”, from their debut full-length The Five Colors. The video is of the low budget rehearsal-space-playthrough variety, but does a suitable job of providing a vehicle for the band’s electronica-infused, experimental rock. Continuing to explore the style laid out on their tidy little EP We Have Many Faces, Bridges of Königsberg land somewhere between Mogwai and God Is an Astronaut, with a few pinches of angsty – bordering on the Reznor-esque – vocals to round out their largely instrumental soundscape. Be forewarned: there is some shoegazing here, along with more than a little brooding, which all fits nicely with the band’s spacey aesthetic.

Go check out Bridges of Königsberg over at their Bandcamp, where they are currently offering both aforementioned releases and a mini-album of remixed songs from The Five Colors.