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Between-the-Buried-and-Me 2015

Absolute prog veterans at this point, U.S. five piece Between The Buried And Me had the honour of closing UK Tech Fest 2016, headlining Sunday night on the Carillion Guitars Main Stage. Earlier in the day we chatted to bassist Dan Briggs about not really listening to heavy music, trading Tommy for Jim Carrey, and how good the soundtrack to It Follows is. First up, we asked him to tell us something interesting about himself…

Hey, this is Dan Briggs, I play bass in Between The Buried And Me, and I love to cook!

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Who should be the next British Prime Minister?

Oh boy! For some reason this came up in conversation earlier, and even though he’s fictional I say Austin Powers. Put him in charge!

Best thing about being in a band

Getting to be creative, for sure. Having a creative outlet where your ideas come to life. Being in other countries where people know your music. The first time we ever travelled overseas was such a mind-fuck to see, like people in Singapore just going nuts over your music. It’s insane!


The worst is tied with the best in a way. The travel is tough. It’s great to travel – a lot of people get jealous of the places you go, but we’re not just on holiday running around, we’re working. It can make normalcy at home difficult to achieve as well, especially when you tour 6 or 7 months a year in a two and a half year album cycle. It’s tough. It’s great, but it’s hard at times. I’m 31 now, and I’ve been doing this since I was 20!


Couple of weeks ago, we played at a festival in Barcelona, and right after we played, French avant garde band Magma played, and Magma is a band that my dad got me into when I was younger. I just never thought that I’d end up sharing a stage with freaky 70′s bands that create their own complex and dense concept records in their own made up language – that I would ever get to see them in 2016, let alone play with them, and then meet them, in Barcelona of all places – it’s just mindblowing, man. Totally surreal.

Becoming contemporaries in a way with artists that you’ve looked up to, that you still listen to, that you draw inspiration from. The idea that you can achieve that kind of longevity by being off the wall and completely doing your own thing is crazy as well. Just surreal. And inspiring. So yeah, it’s those kind of interactions.

Between The Buried And Me Tech Fest 2016 - Dan Briggs - Evie Murphy

Photo by Evie Murphy

Best tour story?

I love our days off in the summer when we get to go to baseball games. It’s rare that there’s group activities that we all take part in, like recently we went for a big family dinner in Milan and I just had to snap a picture of it because it’s so rare for that to happen, because we all have such busy schedules all the time.

Worst tour story?

While we were in the UK, and this was actually one of the worst days we had on tour, we had our bus catch on fire heading to France, and that was four years ago now, and it sucked and was really scary, but that was a shitty bus.

Craziest tour story?

Honestly, we’re a pretty boring band. We don’t really have any.

If you could trade a band member for someone famous, who would you choose?

Back in the day, people always used to say that Tommy looked like Jim Carrey. We’ll make that trade. The live show would definitely suffer, but we’ll make that trade. It’ll be entertaining.

Song recognition! Funeral?

4th Of July” by Soundgarden, or possibly “Suicide“, but no. “4th Of July” is just a monster downer of a song. I don’t know if it should be a tearful event, maybe it should be!


It would have to be something from the 80′s that I could dance to. Something like Devo or.. if I thought of an Oingo Boingo reference “Nothing Lasts Forever” (laughs). It would have to be something from that era. You know, you watch old John Hughes movies and everyone’s just flopping around and having a good time, and you just think “Fuck, I could do that!” You can’t do that with the shit that’s out there now, you have to actually learn how to dance (laughs).


Birthdays are pretty fucking boring. I’d probably just try and not put on something depressing (laughs). Try and keep the day somewhat upbeat.


Always makes me happy? I don’t know, that’s interesting! It’s an interesting emotion to associate with music. Something 90′s, like Cardigans. Great fucking video.


Code Orange, good buddies of mine. Some of the only heavy music that matters in my eyes. I don’t really listen to heavy music anymore.


Cult Of Luna. When I feel bummed out, I try and stay upbeat, so I just like driving around, probably on the highway and just blasting Cult Of Luna and singing along. Sorry, I’m not good with songs.

To dance to?

I’ll say the record that David Byrne & St. Vincent did a couple of years ago. There’s a song that made it onto TV and has a silly little video. I’ll put that on.


There was a horror film released about a year ago called It Follows. I don’t really watch much horror, and I’m not an authority on it or anything. But the soundtrack of that movie…I’ve put it on on sunny days just driving around in the suburbs, and man, that shrill (does impression) kicks in, and it just makes you freak out, and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I suppose that’s the mark of a great soundtrack that it works independently of the movie.


I’d have to say Haken, for sure. 1st song off The Mountain, second track, first proper song.

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