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DethPopVideos creates a metal alternative to the popular Alphabetical Genre Song

26 Genres Of Metal Song - Kitty Metal

Regular consumers of our Calm Before The Storm feature may remember a while ago that we covered a collaboration song between internet musician sensations Dave from Boyintheband and Andrew Huang that chronicled a journey through 26 different musical genres. It was a great piece, but only had two entries on the metal spectrum, with one of them being a little suspect (their Viking Metal entry was the weakest one in the whole song). Well, as with all great things, someone within the metal spectrum has been inspired and has now created his own version: “The 26 Genres Of Metal Song“.

Youtube user DethPopVideos has created his own version here, that is remarkably good. Of course, he does have to cheat a few times, but then, while metal does have well over 100 subgenres and divisions, how many begin with “Q”, “K” or “Z”? In fact, he’s obeyed the rules of the internet pretty carefully, in that the entries for “Q” and “K” both heavily involve cats, the average internet consumer’s greatest weakness and easiest distraction. Not to mention that “Zelda metal”, while just wrong is likely to make most music nerds clap their hands with glee rather than get mad over inaccuracies (Zelda is the princess, not the green hooded hero!).

Of course, the elitists out there may take umbrage with the exclusion of hardcore punk and grindcore (though the entry for grind is hilarious), as many would argue that they aren’t part of the metal spectrum at all. Hardcore punk is a give-away because of the name, but less people know that grind purists prefer not to associate with metal (read this informative article about that here).

Though, any such complaints levelled towards this video are pointless, as it’s an impressive and fun accomplishment. It aims to be entertaining, and the final result sure as hell is. While writing this piece, I’ve already listened to the song several times, and it never gets old. Check it out.

What do you guys think? Do you like this song? Would you have included other genres? Do you vehemently disagree with some of the choices here? Sound off in the comments!

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