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Are Your Favourite Genres Included?

Alphabetical Genre Song - IDM

Andrew Huang and Dave Wilson are two prominent Youtube based musicians. These vastly talented multi-instrumental gentlemen have been slowly growing their impressive online audience by creating a litany of music spanning many different genres. Huang most recently has been setting himself “musical challenges” that have all been pretty interesting so far, including, but not limited to, a rap song that ‘s in five different languages. Check that out below.


Pretty cool, eh? When you consider the range of talents between them it seemed almost inevitable that Wilson & Huang would end up working together at some point. Huang loves to collaborate with other artists, and even in the past worked with our very own Monolithic Records artist Brent A. Petrie on a song called “Feel It Coming“. Check that out below.

Note: If you still haven’t checked out Brent A. Petrie’s new album The Void, it’s currently going for free on our Bandcamp.)

Now, to the main event. As part of Huang’s ambitious challenge series he has collaborated with boyintheband’s very own Dave Wilson to create a song that spans 26 different genres, and runs down them in alphabetical order. Not an easy task for anyone to attempt, but these two handle it with aplomb, injecting their own irreverent sense of humours whilst also encapsulating the genres of music they choose to feature rather accurately. While it could definitely be argued that they expose the general formality of a genre system, and how similar yet different everything is, the way they put it all together is extremely compelling. Highlights come from the Horrorcore rap section, the hilarious Emo part (naturally singing about “pain” and make-up) and the transition between Reggae and Ska are of particular note; though really, the whole thing is damn good. Check it out below.

What do you guys think? Is this a really cool idea? Did you like it? What was your favourite part? Sound off in the comments!

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