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Black Metal Interior Design; Sacrifice A Goat To Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

black metal interior design Bleating Apocalypse sheepcore

In this feature we don’t always bring you stuff related to metal or film, but we’re starting off this week in the purest way possible with a song – a song called ”Black Metal Interior Design“.

We suppose it’s technically black metal, but rather unlike anything you’ve heard before. In fact, the band in question – Sheffield, UK-based Bleating Apocalypse – label themselves “sheepcore”, which we suppose is as fair as anything, and we have absolutely no comments to the opposite.

The song was posted to Reddit this weekend by the brother of one of the band members, user dontspillme described it as “Terrible, hilarious and so post-post-post-metal that it has come full circle at the point where people recorded with the worst equipment they could nail that horrible sound of “classical” BM. Well done, you sick fucks”, which is pretty much bang on. It utilises various tropes of the black metal genre to great effect…whilst arguing over the proper placement of Art Deco candlesticks and promoting the use of a dead cat as lampshades. Yeah…

At this point, it’s probably best if you just listen to it, so we don’t spoil it any further for you…

The band are keen to let one and all know that their Sheepcore album release party is on February 27th at South Sea Live as well as another show on March 11th at The Asylum in Sheffield, which to be honest is probably the best place for them.

Keep up with the band on Facebook here if tongue-in-cheek hilarity is your thing. If not, be a jerk and don’t; see if we care!

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