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Drop Goblin Ensures There’s No Hope

Drop Goblin - The Gate

While flitting around online I came across a strangely captivating piece of music. Self dubbed “Metalstep” Drop Goblin are a fusion of basic live instrumentation with dubstep beats. A pretty simple one man project that isn’t set to redefine either genre, and yet the music available is surprisingly catchy.

Drop Goblin have just released a new single called “No Hope” which is a decent little listen. The release also contains another song called “The Gate” that has a nice chunky riff as well as a brief remix of that same song at the end. All in all a respectable, and most importantly, fun little distraction.

Sure, it’s not for everyone and before I gave it a chance I certainly didn’t think it was for me, but the whole thing is a fun and shortlived experience. The six minute run time ensures that the goblin in question doesn’t overstay his welcome. Calm Before The Storm is our place for fun flirtations with other, tangentially related metal and film related stuff, so today, check out some random electronic music that may surprise you. Enjoy!

What do you guys think? Not worth your time? Surprisingly catchy? Sound off in the comments!

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