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Not Literally lament Characters They Used To Know in Game Of Thrones

Not Literally Game Of Thrones

For anyone who reads The Monolith regularly, you’ve probably heard of a little obscure television show based on an equally obscure series of fantasy novels called Game Of Thrones. We’ve inadvertently pushed this show pretty hard to try and spread the word, because obviously, so few people have heard of it.Yes. Indeed. Ahem.

Now that season three has come to an end, audiences are devastated beyond belief at the series of events that have recently transpired. Considering how bloodthirsty George R.R. Martin seems to be towards his characters, you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the characters that all perished at the beginning of our story.

The ladies of Not Literally are back to rectify that with a new pop culture parody video, this time using Belgian-Australian musician Gotye‘s best-known song to create “A Character I Used To Know” and pay humorous tribute to the characters that we’ve lost thus far.

This is a well executed video that cuts between the girls watching the television series and gorging on various products, divided by scenes from the two re-enacting certain scenes from the show, but with a parody slant. Some of the costumes are a little confusing (the same beard make-up used for the King and Kahl Drogo), but overall is done well enough for a comedy video. One thing that is really bizarre though is how much one of the girls looks IDENTICAL to Maisie Williams ‘Arya Stark from the show.

Obviously, it shouldn’t have to be said, but there are spoilers contained within for season one – but you’ve all seen that by now, right?

Now that season three is over someone needs to make a ten minute version of this that gets progressively angry and drunk as many bottles of wine were consumed on the night of the Red Wedding.

What do you guys think? Do you like this video? Are Game Of Thrones-related parodies getting old? Which characters do you miss the most?

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