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Major Lazer’s new music video channels the mad genius of filmmaker Brandon Dermer!

Major Lazer
Brandon Dermer is an incredible music video making talent. The mad genius made waves in the metal community by creating the now world famous Nekrogoblikon video for the song “No One Survives“. That video (featured below) helped elevate a simple gimmick band into an internet sensation and was an absolute gift to a band that otherwise may have struggled to break ground. “No One Survives” is one of the best music videos out there, with potential to be enjoyed by everyone, even people who have no affinity for the melodic death metal genre (or metal music in general). As such, I’ve kept a close eye on the work of Dermer, waiting for his next cinematic adventure to emerge.

The Chicago born madman originally cut his teeth working with comedian/musician (and friend) Jon LaJoie on all of his music videos, before stretching his wings and working with other artists. Now, his latest endeavour sees him work with Major Lazer, an electronic dancehall duo that was originally started by music producer Diplo and Switch, although they recently parted ways, causing Diplo to seek outside help. Major Lazer is an animated character used as the musical project’s mascot and accounts for their off kilter trippy reggae style electronics.

Their sophomore album, Free The Universe was released back in April and now they’ve released a dynamic music video for the track “Scare Me”. The video sees Major Lazer brought to life by none other than Terry Crews in all of his muscular glory. Lazer has been brought out of hibernation to take down the evil General Rubbish who is stockpiling weapons and holding the government hostage. The set-up is ludicrously awesome and Crews completely sells the role with aplomb. Then the “music” kicks in and it’s all a bit confusing really. I mean, does this even constitute as music? Then again, I suppose that’s what non metal fans probably thought when they started watching the aforementioned Nekrogoblikon video.

The video then sees our massively ripped hero traversing various locales and eliminating a myriad of stereotype warriors, until he finally gets to the final confrontation with Professor Rubbish. The video is extremely well shot, if a little poorly paced (a longer song may have benefited the concept and allowed it to “breathe”) as it seemingly races towards the end before (presumably) the song has a chance to run out.

Weirdly enough, my personal highlight has to be the stylish end credits of the piece, which evoke both classic video games and a real old school fun style of grindhouse filmmaking. While the song is lacklustre, the video is a riot and definitely worth your time! Also, check out that staggering crew list!

What do you guys think? Do you actually like the music? Do you like the video? Do you like the rest of Dermer’s work? Sound off in the comments!

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