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Meet Edvard Hansson, Meshuggah’s light tech

Edvard Hansson Meshuggah

Whilst the five on-stage members of Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah are fairly well known – Jens Kidman, Frederik Thordendall, Tomas Haake, Mårten Hagström and Dick Lövgren – there is a sixth performance member of the team, who unsurprisingly is no less skilled and competent than those with the instruments.

Edvard Hansson is Meshuggah’s lighting technician, and in this video we see him at work at the band’s show in Paris in December last year, running through the likes of “The Hurt That Finds You First“, “New Millenium Cyanide Christ” and “Bleed“. Rather than having programmed a static lighting show, he actually ‘plays’ along with with them, triggering parts of the setup in time with the complex rhythms of the music.

The potential for carpal tunnel syndrome aside, it’s pretty damn cool. I’m not the biggest fan of fit-inducing light shows to be honest – it bugs me when lights are constantly flashing in my eyes – but I realise that I am a grumpy old man sometimes, so my hat goes off to Edvard for this.

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