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radio station ban

The cheek! The outrage! The absolute discrimination of it all! Damnit, radio, with your mainstream, manufactured cock-a-billy “popular music”; do you not know the towering majesty of metal and its virility and intelligence?

Banning even the mention of such great bands on air, and threatening the DJs with suspension and even termination; Morbid Angel! Eyehategod! Goatwhor…um…Deep Fried Abor…oh, right. With you.

Above is the banned list from an unspecified radio station Reddit user rht_rv works for. No mention of any of these artists is allowed, nor any of their music allowed to be played. Some are a little more subtle – especially the likes of Puscifer and Deicide – and there are some great puns (Jesus Chrysler, The Jackofficers) but when they’re banning mention of Pre School Tea Party Massacre and Cuntsaw, you might be forgiven for thinking perhaps they have a point.

It’s not specified what kind of radio station it is either, but someone clearly has it in for certain pop musicians too, as mention of Fall Out Boy, Nickleback and Lady Gaga amongst others are to be met with immediate termination. They also forbid mention of metal target boy Justin Bieber, so it’s not complete discrimination of the metals – even if the kid does get a bad rap.

Now please excuse us whilst we track down the station and repeatedly request airplay for Fullblown AIDS.

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