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Listen to ingenious midi lullaby album The Illusion Of Sleep

Sparrow Sleeps - The Illusion Of Safety album art

I like Thrice. I also like sleep. Combining the two? Great idea.

That’s what Indiana native Casey Cole has decided to do with his Sparrow Sleeps lullaby project. For a few years now, Sparrow Sleeps has been creating renditions of songs from artists as varied as The Early November, MXPX, Alkaline Trio, and more recently Senses Fail.

It’s a really different and cool endeavour, and one that the band members themselves are fully behind. Says Thrice guitarist Teppei Teranishi:


My wife and I made a pretty conscious effort to expose our kids to good music from the get-go and they’re just getting around the age(s) where we’re really starting to see that early exposure pay off. I’m psyched to hear our tunes transformed into these lullabies and to think that these might contribute in some way to other childrens’ musical (and otherwise) development! Or at the very least, help weary parents get some rest…


The songs take a fairly simple format, utilising xylophone/glockenspiel, quiet strings, chimes and other lullaby-appropriate instrumental sounds to recreate them at a basic level. Obviously percussion is missing, and the vocals are replaced by various instruments (usually the xylophone/glock). It’s simple but effective, and I could imagine any Thrice fan with children jumping all over this to help their little ones fall asleep. Hell, I’d even use it myself.

Sparrow Sleeps’ Thrice album is called The Illusion Of Sleep – a take on 2002′s The Illusion of Safety – but adapts songs from across Thrice’s career. The full tracklisting is as follows:

01. Yellow Belly
02. Deadbolt
03. Stare At The Sun
04. Red Sky
05. Moving Mountains
06. In Exile
07. Deadbolt (Reprise)
08. To Awake And Avenge The Dead
09. The Artist In The Ambulance
10. Child Of Dust

You can get The Illusion Of Sleep, as well as Sparrow Sleeps’ other creations, from this website here.