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I have a massive soft spot for Cancer Bats, the Torontonian hardcore punk four-piece. They’re an incredibly fun bunch of guys, and it always comes across that they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is great really. A lot of bands do, obviously, which is also fine, but it means that you don’t get great videos like this one (and the older one for their awesome over of the Beastie Boys‘ “Sabotage) for “Bricks & Mortar“, from this year’s album Dead Set On Living.

The video, which was apparently released a day earlier than scheduled, features the band aping a cross of hard-man hard rock and gangsta rap videos; visiting barber shops and tattoo parlours, beating up random passers by, hanging out around motorcycles and generally throwing gang signs. It’s all very tongue in cheek of course, and comes off as silly more than anything. You can watch it below!

Dead Set On Living, the group’s fourth studio album, came out on April 16th 2012, was celebrated by the band playing six shows at five different locations in London, mapping out a pentagram in the process, and is available through Distort Entertainment. The bats are due to hit the UK’s shores again early next month in support of Enter Shikari for a fairly extensive run, and will then return after Christmas to conquer Europe on the same tour.