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Cattle Decapitation announce new album The Anthropocene Extinction

Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction

One of the death metal gems of 2012, Cattle Decapitation‘s Monolith Of Inhumanity struck a chord with several of us; not just because of its monolithic name (including track 10, “The Monolith“, but because it was a breath of fresh air, incorporating melody into the utter brutality of their deathgrind sound.

That was album number 6 for the group, but this week they have announced their long-teased new record, and revealed its name: The Anthropocene Extinction. Its tracklisting will look something like this:

01. Manufactured Extinct
02. The Prophets of Loss
03. Plagueborne
04. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)
05. Circo Inhumanitas
06. The Burden Of Seven Billion
07. Mammals In Babylon
08. Mutual Assured Destruction
09. Not Suitable For Life
10. Apex Blasphemy
11. Ave Exitium
12. Pacific Grim

The album’s name refers to the end result of our own careless impact on the world’s delicate ecosystems; how our disregard for nature is causing massive damage, killing wildlife and impacting whole areas in such a way that will lead to our own inevitable extinction. A band always concerned with ethics, this subject matter is no surprise at all.

Assisting with the production of the album, Cattle Decap have retained the services of Dave Otero, with Travis Ryan stating:


Dave is a bonafide producer. He’s got a lot of great ideas and this time we heard him out pretty religiously because making Monolith… had worked out so well. We’ve always kind of co-produced our records with whoever we brought in, but these last two we did a lot more listening to what he had to say rather than just sticking with what we were saying. Sometimes we shot down his ideas and vice versa, but that discussion was always beneficial. He basically becomes the fifth member of the band at that point, and I think that kind of relationship is the best way to get anything out of anybody.


Similarly, Wes Benscoter handles the art once again – he’s been on board since 2002′s To Serve Man, and is essentially the fifth member of the band.

By way of aural introduction, the first track – “Manufactured Extinct” – has been made available to stream. Have a listen below!

The Anthropocene Extinction will be released August 7th via Metal Blade Records.